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Winter 2019

Fall 2019 Trip Planning Started !!

I'm looking forward to returning to work in Italy in October 2019 (see

Amazing Year!

The fundraising continues for a series of documentaries about Prisoners of War in America. Our non-profit partner is the Italian Center of the West, see and my Kathy Kirkpatrick Facebook page where the talks are available LiveStream at the time and archived for later viewing.

I've found a new publisher (Fonthill, part of Arcadia) for my books on American Prisoner of War Camps. We've shifted it from one big book to lots of smaller books with many more photos. The first book in the series dropped in April: American POW Camps in Idaho and Utah. The next dropped in July: American POW Camps in Arizona and Nevada with the third in October: American POW Camps in Southern California and the fourth in January: American POW Camps in Northern California. I went off-track with the Transcontinental Railroad in Utah, available in May 2019, then returned to the series with American Prisoner of War Camps in Oregon and Utah, available in July 2019. We're working our way across the country with details and photos about each camp. I'm very excited about this series and that we're able to match the releases with the production of Red Gold.

Yes, Red Gold, a major motion picture about Italian POWs in America, is currently in production. We're VERY excited that this project, in the works for 15 years now, is finally becoming a reality. See for more details. Also

In November, I'm planning to research in Ravanusa, Montemaggiore Belsito, and Alia in Sicilia, Serrastretta in Catanzaro province, Roma, the Vatican Secret Archives, Napoli, and Pompei. I'm looking forward to meeting with both American and European friends (old and new), as well as returning to favorite places and visiting towns I haven't seen before!

Adrian Burke just said, "I wanted to let you know that my Sicilian article incorporating a good portion of your research will be published this spring in The Genealogist in three parts spread out over the next year and a half. See their website here:". Many congratulations to him for achieving this level of scholarship. That journal is the most exacting in the genealogical community.

My book on CD titled
Sicily, Part 1 and Part 2 is now available on 2 CDs or .rar files. With a file for each town (plus many other files), it relates the history of Sicily as reflected in the photos, records and festivals of its towns. It contains over 2500 text and photo files and can be ordered at CD order.

My latest book is titled
Prisoner of War Camps Across America and is available in paperback and Kindle formats on Amazon and in Nook format on Barnes and Noble.


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