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2022 Spring and Fall Trip Plans

I will not be able to work in Italy this Spring. I think the worldwide effects of the war in Ukraine have everyone on edge, and while the Pandemic is winding down, the terrorist threats are an issue. I intend to work in Italy in the Fall (tentatively 26 October to 16 November), see and see

Long-awaited Fall 2021 trip!

On July 9, I was in Dubois, Wyoming at their Museum for a book signing for my book (American Prisoner of War Camps in Montana and Wyoming). It's a charming town with an excellent local museum. The new museum in town is the Military Vehicles Museum and is very well done with an amazingly large collection!

The International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies conference in August invited me to speak on "20 Century Jewish Military Burials Across Europe and the US" and on "The Jewish Cemetery at Pisa". It was a virtual presentation, but I was pleased with the results.

In October, I did research in the church and civil records in Acquasanta and at the CWGC cemtery in Caserta.

Since the offices at Manfredonia were closed on November 1 (All Saints Day), I spoke with the clerk there on the morning of the 2nd. Covid is having an effect on the staffing on their offices as well as ours, making obtaining records for older events much harder than before.

I was able to work in the towns of Petrona', Cerva, Mesoraca, and Carlopoli seeking out the Jewish roots of these folks who lived in the hills of Calabria.

I attended the Mass in Badolato celebrating their Veterans' Day, although those church records had too many gaps to follow the family I was seeking all the way back to their beginnings in that town.

The work in Serrastretta, in the civil record offices, church archives, plus the online records to fill the gaps, enabled me to connect two different clients with an ancetor in 1642, plus push bak a few more years on a couple other lines. Very satisfying!

Loved the drive and ferry to Messina (as always)!

Serradifalco had no more records in the church records than were already filmed out of the Diocese Archives, which was disappointing because of the gaps, but I was able to work in the Cathedral records of Mazara del Vallo and located a baptism in 1727 which led me to Partanna where I was able to extend that line back in time with the supervision of Dr. Vito Zarzana. Those records combined with the microfilmed civil census records completed the story of that family back to 1641.

In March, I'm planning to research in the Vatican Secret Archives (already have approval for 23-30 March). Then to work in the Inquisition trial records held at the Archivio di Stato in Napoli for the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Then in church and provincial and town records at a few towns and cities yet to be determined. Then down to Sicily for work before flying home.

I'm looking forward to meeting with both American and European friends (old and new), as well as returning to favorite places and visiting towns I haven't seen before!

I'm presenting "Discovering the Jewish Heritage of a Catholic Italian-American Family" at RootsTech ( which is live 3-5 March. My talk is pre-recorded, so can be viewed anytime during the conference and for a year afterwards (or more).

On 1 April, the US National Archives (aka NARA at is releasing the 1950 census. Ancestry will produce a computer generated index while you can search the names index at NARA to download the page you're seeking. Soon, the indexes at and at will also be available with search capabilities on more than just names. More details along with hints and tricks available at all of those websites as well as

My book on CD titled
Sicily, Part 1 and Part 2 is now available on 2 CDs or .rar files. With a file for each town (plus many other files), it relates the history of Sicily as reflected in the photos, records and festivals of its towns. It contains over 2500 text and photo files and can be ordered at CD order.

My latest book is titled
American Prisoner of War Camps in Colorado and is available at Amazon in paperback format.


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