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My last on-site research trip was in November 2018 and included these adventures:

31 October 2018 Flew from SLC to CDG

1 November 2018
Flew from CDG to MXP
Found a lovely little hotel called Malpensafiera in Bernate Ticino on

2 November 2018
Worked in the Civil and church offices of Giussano. Nice staff, but we've done well in the past with written requests and she wanted me to do the same this time, so the letters get emailed when I return home. That evening I met with the Selmi family in Settala to share stories and photos regarding their father's POW experiences in Utah. What a wonderful evening and such warm people!

3 November 2018
I had scheduled an interview with the son of another Utah POW. We met at my hotel with his wife and son out for the excursion. Wonderful!

Drove to the Bologna War Cemetery and found a Polish War Cemetery and a War Museum on either side of it. Wonderful opportunity to document those places!

Drove to Bientina to spend the night in Il Patino, a lovely hotel I've been visiting for years. Martina and Simone run a great place and are wonderfully friendly and helpful, enjoying practicing their English on me.

4 November 2018
Worked in the Jewish Cemetery at Pisa to document more graves. This time I also got photos of the memorial stones in the city wall which are in Hebrew, making them even older than the cemetery, amazing! Drove to Residence Colombo, 112 in Roma, a wonderful condo hotel near a metro station but with secure parking for the car so I don't have to drive it downtown.

5 November 2018
Worked in the Vatican Secret Archives after renewing my pass. Found more records about Vatican inspectors in US camps, including the locations where the crews of the merchant vessels and cruise ships were being held. Really expanded the list I already had on enemy alien internment locations.

Drove to Campobasso, a lovely little B&B with just a few rooms outside of the maze that is the city, Cherry House B&B.

6 November 2018 Worked in the Archivio di Stato searching Notarial records, military records, and discussing other options with the staff to find the father of an illegitimate child whose mother was known. Also went to the Cathedral where the priest with the only key to the archives was out of town. Another letter to write when I get home.

Spent the night in Salerno at Numero Uno Suites on via Canali, a lovely little apartment with a delightful bathroom! Staying here, I could work in several towns nearby over the next few days. It's close to the Cathedral, the Archivio di Stato, the pedestrial shopping area, and the marina, a perfect location!

7 November 2018
Drove out to Roccadaspida to obtain records from the Stato Civile. The staff was friendly and helpful, so I was soon done. So I drove to the Salerno War Cemetery on my way back to Salerno. I was able to document more burials and enjoyed the sunshine after the torrential rains in Roma and the overcast skies since.

That evening I met with my old friend Daniela and her daughter Anna Lisa who are learning an old folk dance of the region. What a wonderful group of women and the dance has such a story!

8 November 2018
Took the train to Napoli. I'd hoped to work in the Cathedral records, but that didn't work out. However, the National Library had some family histories for this noble family that answered lots of questions about when they lived where.

That evening I had dinner with Daniela and her brother Maurizio, the Italian Colonel who has helped me so much over the years with Italian military records. Anna Lisa wants to document her genealogy so we spent some time piecing together a pedigree chart to work from after I return home. Also more stories about their grandfather, the Italian General who spent part of the war in Camp Monticello in Arkansas. Wonderful to see them again!

9 November 2018
Drove to Pompei and the Stato Civile office to find the 1913 death of a woman we have a mass card for in that year. However, she apparently didn't die in that town and the church is a Basilica, so folks from many neighboring towns use it for a large funeral. Church records also don't record her death.

Drove down to Lamezia Terme for the night near the airport.

10 November 2018 Drove to Serrastretta to spend some time with Rabbi Barbara and Enrico. She gave me a wonderful tour of the town including the ancient Synagogue. Wonderful day!

11 November 2018
Drove down to the Strait of Messina for the ferry crossing to Sicilia. I love that trip! Then drove across the North side of the island to Tindari. Not only is there a Black Madonna in the church, but their are Greek and Roman Archaeological ruins, wonderful!

Stayed the night at the Hotel Medici near the water in Milazzo, wonderful place!

12 November 2018
Worked in Milazzo in the Stato Civile offices. Found what I was seeking and had a great time!

Drove to my favorite, Villa della Mimosa in Alia. He makes bread that makes my mouth very happy! They are a lovely couple and I enjoy visiting with them when I'm in the area.
>BR> 13 November 2018

Spend the day in Montemaggiore Belsito trying to find someone at the church, but they were preparing for a funeral that afternoon, so I made plans with them to return the next day.

14 November 2017
Worked in the church archives of Montemaggiore Belsito and found some wonderful records, very old!

Drove to Caltagirone for the night.

15 November 2018

Worked in the Cathedral at Caltagirone. Very helpful lady who had lost her voice was kind enough to make several trips up and down the stairs fetching the record books I requested. I found some wonderful records!

16 November 2018
An unexpected free day, so went up Mt. Etna and then down to my hotel in Fiumefreddo. Lots of rain, but comfy when I finally had enough sense to stop walking around town.

17 November 2018

Had breakfast, lunch, and tours of the town with the son and grandson of a POW held in Utah. Wonderful! Helped that the sun had returned so we could spend more time wandering around.

18 November 2018
Flew CTA to CDG and checked into Campanile, my new favorite Paris airport hotel because it's on the edge of the little town of Roissy en France that hasn't changed since about 1910.

19 November 2018
Flew CDG to SLC and was glad to be home.

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My next research trip to Italy is scheduled for October 2019.

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