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Niscemi (CL)

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Niscemi (Caltanissetta Province) is 86 km from Caltanissetta, alt. 332 m, in the foothills east of the Plain of Catania, area 96.5 sq km, pop. 27,131, post-code 93015, tel. 0933. Economy: agriculture (artichokes), stock-raising, cork production, wrought iron handicraft, small industries for processing of agricultural produce, clothing and mechanical goods.

Ruins of the ancient city of Nixenum have been found locally.

The modern town was founded in 1626 by Guiseppe Branciforte, who ontained the title of Prince of Niscemi, and seriously damaged by the earthquake in 1693, which devasted much of east Sicily, Niscemi was rebuilt on a regular, orderly basis.

Churches (Piazza Armerina Province) include the following:
S. Maria d'Itria (Chiesa Madre)
Anime Sante del Purgatorio
Chiesa dell'Addolorata (historic)
Chiesa della Madonna del Bosco (historic)
Convento and Chiesa dei Padri Riformati (historic)
Santa Maria dell'Odigitria (The Matrice, 18th century, historic)
Sacro Cuore di Gesu'
S. Francesco d'Assisi
S. Giuseppe
S. Maria della Speranza

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