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Milano (MI)

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Milano (Milano Province) is a town of 1,274,765 inhabitants.

It is the second Italian city by population, after Rome, and is the center of the metropolitan area most populated in Italy and one of the most populous in Europe. Founded by the Insubres in the early sixth century BC, it was conquered by the Romans in 222 BC and was called Mediolanum; progressively increased its importance until it became one of the seats of the Roman imperial West. During its history assumed a variety of roles, including the capital, as well as the main political and cultural center, the Duchy of Milan during the Renaissance and the capital of the Kingdom of Italy during the Napoleonic period. In the cultural sphere, Milan is the nineteenth century the main center Italian publishing, and book publishing is linked to information, and is at the top of the world music circuit thanks to the opera season at La Scala and his long operatic tradition.

Became "Italian economic capital" during the industrial revolution involving Europe in the second half of the nineteenth century, Turin and Genoa constituting the "Industrial Triangle". From this period onwards, and especially since the war, suffered a strong process of urbanization related industrial expansion that also involved the neighboring cities, and was the main goal during the internal emigration.

In the last century the city has stabilized its economic and productive role, becoming the largest financial market in Italian, is also one of the world capitals of fashion and industrial design and one of the most important Italian universities. At the gates of Milan, is located one of the poles of the Milan Fair, the largest exhibition center in Europe. For these reasons, won the title of City overall, finishing as the only Italian city on the list of Alpha World City.

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